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We are always looking for qualified, professional field representatives to be a part of NVMS. In the past 3 years NVMS has grown over 300%... That because of our great field reps. To become part of our team, please fill out our registration form. Once you register with us and tell us what areas you cover and what kind of services you perform, we will contact you when we have something available that matches your criteria.

We offer competative rates with bonuses for most services that add to your pay if work is completed in a timely manner. We also offer a state of the art application for managing and tracking your data. This application includes features like order tracking and scheduling, image email, bulk image upload, tax time reporting and more...

If you feel like you'd like to work with NVMS, please click the "Register" link and fill out form with your information. We look forward to hearing from you...

NVMS News...

  • 2/23/2018 :: TEXT NOTIFICATIONS!!
    TEXT NOTIFICATIONS!!!!  If you would like to receive new order and order cancellation notifications via text message, please contact your Vendor Manager via phone or email. If via email, please provide the following: 

    I hereby authorizing NVMS to send me text messages at xxx-xxx-xxxx mobile phone number, and understand that these messages MAY impact may data usage (it will depend upon your individual cell phone plan). 

    My cell phone carrier is: (ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc). We can send text messages to the major carriers; this functionality may not be available to some of the smaller, local, carriers.

"We've found NVMS to be the most reliable property preservation and inspection management company in the industry. Their customer service and technology set them apart from everyone else."
- Doug Williamson, VP Asset Management, Origen Servicing, Inc.
  • Mobile Reporting over almost any modern smart phone browser.
  • We have over 30,500 Field Representatives and we're currently adding over 30 a week.
  • Member of NAMFS since 2003.
  • Highly customized management system.
  • Online application developed for Web 2.0 and compatible with 98% of today's browsers.
  • The most user friendly management system in the US.