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NVMS, Inc.
10371 Central Park Dr., Suite B
Manassas, VA 20110

703-361-6262 HQ
540-242-3395 Fax


info@nvms.com (General Information)
support@nvms.com (Technical Support)
sales@nvms.com (Sales Support)

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"We've found NVMS to be the most reliable property preservation and inspection management company in the industry. Their customer service and technology set them apart from everyone else."
- Doug Williamson, VP Asset Management, Origen Servicing, Inc.
  • Mobile Reporting over almost any modern smart phone browser.
  • We have over 30,500 Field Representatives and we're currently adding over 30 a week.
  • Member of NAMFS since 2003.
  • Highly customized management system.
  • Online application developed for Web 2.0 and compatible with 98% of today's browsers.
  • The most user friendly management system in the US.