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Welcome to NVMS, Inc...

NVMS, Inc. is a national company offering a full range of inspection services for the Mortgage, Banking, Commercial and Residential Property, Construction and Insurance Industries.

Our Network of over 30,500 highly trained and professionally certified inspectors and field reps across the United States can ensure that all of your inspections needs are performed with precision. Each one of our inspection services can be customized to meet your exact specifications.

The NVMS management team has over 37 years of cumulative industry experience and is proud to count many Fortune 100 clients to our portfolio of satisfied clientele.

Our IT infrastructure ranks among the best in the nation when it comes to speed, reliability and cutting-edge technological advancements. This is what helps set NVMS apart from our competition.

If you are interested in working as a Field Representative with NVMS, please go here and complete the registration form.

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NVMS Mobile almost ready for prime time!

NVMS Is proud to announce our new mobile application that should work with most mobile platforms like iPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile. It has been built with the new jQuery mobile framework that has been developed to work with most smartphone platforms. There is still no photo upload functionality but pictures can be emailed like usual to photos@nvms.com.

The online templates are much easier to complete and there's new reporting tools like the "Property Manager" for reps to look at past inspections. There is also some added functionality, like sending job notes through the mobile application. To access the application, simply point your mobile browser to http://mobile.nvms.com and use your normal NVMS login. This application is still in beta form, but we'd like some feedback from users of all supported mobile platforms.

NVMS :: Inspection Software

We've Updated Our Software... Version 2.0 Features

We have made managing inspections easier than ever...

New Property Manager...
Our new Property Manager interface allows clients of NVMS to manage their inspections from one screen. Our clients can see all notes, images, reports and reoccurring schedule items from the Property Manager screen. One may also download, print reports in HTML or PDF format or forward completed orders to business partners.
Compare images for all inspections in one place...
Instead of searching and opening many different pages to view images for one property, one may view and compare images for one property from one page. We have also added "Key" images which allows one to select particular images which are the best for any particular inpsection.
Schedule inspections for your property...
We have added a special task manager for your property so one may schedule specific procedures at specified time intervals. Set it and forget it... Until it gets delivered back to you.
Customized client reporting module...
Client custom and standard reports are easy to access and easy to use. Simply pick a year and a month and then choose your report. We also feature in Version 2.0 a custom report interface where one can request a report and it will be sent via email daily, weekly or monthly. One may also retrieve that report at any time.
Simple, Wizard based ordering...
We have made it easier to create an order online... We have made our order interface a wizard based interface that makes it as easy as 4 steps to create a new order. We've also added a special interface for uploading batch orders. If you have more than 5 orders a day, the batch order interface is perfect for you. You may also want to take a look at our Web Services if you're interested in connecting to our system directly.

NVMS News...

  • 2/23/2018 :: TEXT NOTIFICATIONS!!
    TEXT NOTIFICATIONS!!!!  If you would like to receive new order and order cancellation notifications via text message, please contact your Vendor Manager via phone or email. If via email, please provide the following: 

    I hereby authorizing NVMS to send me text messages at xxx-xxx-xxxx mobile phone number, and understand that these messages MAY impact may data usage (it will depend upon your individual cell phone plan). 

    My cell phone carrier is: (ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc). We can send text messages to the major carriers; this functionality may not be available to some of the smaller, local, carriers.

"We've found NVMS to be the most reliable property preservation and inspection management company in the industry. Their customer service and technology set them apart from everyone else."
- Doug Williamson, VP Asset Management, Origen Servicing, Inc.
  • Mobile Reporting over almost any modern smart phone browser.
  • We have over 30,500 Field Representatives and we're currently adding over 30 a week.
  • Member of NAMFS since 2003.
  • Highly customized management system.
  • Online application developed for Web 2.0 and compatible with 98% of today's browsers.
  • The most user friendly management system in the US.